Grow Your Practice with Laser and Photobiomodulation Therapies

Steve Liu guides you to the best equipment and resources for incorporating efficacious laser therapies, from his over 20-year leadership in this growing field.

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Your guide to the current laser and photobiomodulation equipment, and their uses in acupuncture practices.

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Your Resource for Incorporating Laser Therapies

Equipment Guide

Explore the best equipment available from around the world

Weber Wellness Kit

Unique therapy for reducing viral load and boosting immunity.

Research Studies

Delve into the extensive research on laser therapies.

Recommended Books

Dive deeper into laser with this collection curated by Steve Liu.

ILC was founded in 2017 to be a resource for Acupuncturists and other practitioners to incorporate the therapeutic benefits of incorporating targeted laser therapies in their practices.

As an acupuncturist and a leader in laser therapies for over 20 years, Steve Liu saw the incredible potential for Acupuncturists to provide not only better outcomes but improved opportunities to grow their practices.

Steve Liu has developed innovative and effective treatments for Parkinsons, soft tissue injury, and others, incorporating laser and photobiomodulation therapies.

Now Steve is sharing it all with you, including the best equipment, resources, and the growing number of research studies showing the range and efficacy of laser and photobiomodulation therapies.